Training Department

It handles all consulting, farmer advisory services, agri-enterprise (Group Concept) development, capacity building of value chain actors such as producer groups, associations, traders, off-takers, markets facilitators. Human design centred framework (desirability, Feasibility, Viability) is an integral part of our approach in majority of the modelling work we do, especially with smallholder farmers.

These trainings are done under the tree or in house at Litenga Agricultural Development and Innovation Centre ( LADIC Adam Centre-Songea), and Litenga Agricultural Development and Innovation Centre for Post Harvest (LADIC Caroli Centre-Moshi) are two social laboratories created under this department for developing, testing & up scaling proven innovative models for rural livelihoods development and innovation. These centers also are designed for budding agripreneurs to establish agri-based enterprises.


Supply Chain Department

This department is focusing on providing services on agri-based supply chain systems by modelling the best ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of forward and backward movement of agricultural goods and products. The main focus is on how to create and aggregate demands for both forward and backwards markets in agricultural values chains in order to create the volume, quality and consistency that reduces transaction costs to actors which involves among many other things, the development of rural areas trade maps of support infrastructure-aggregation points, roads condition mapping, bridges capacity, warehouses capacity and locations.

Financial Services Department

This department is involved in organizing and linking farmers to credit access; financial literacy and developing innovative mechanisms of financing rural agri-enterprise. Using human centered design framework, banking products are developed for rural value chain financing solution in conjunctions with like -minded organizations ascribing to the financial inclusion agenda of rural population. The overall work of this department is aligned to the business development services and development of financial linkages opportunities for agri-enterprises.

Post Harvest Technology & Services Department

Post harvest department runs services for value addition, basically cleaning, drying of grains and oil seeds to meet purity specifications of the markets. The Department is running a fleet of Professional Mobile Grain cleaners, Professional Batch mobile grain dryers and professional continuous mobile grain driers. These mobile grain handling technology are specifically designed to suit “rural African conditions” of moving from one village to the other for service provision to farmers’ aggregation points. This department also runs a Stationary grain Handling plant in Moshi ( LADIC –Caroli Centre-Moshi), which has a capacity of 2,000 MTS Per Day.
Other services under this department includes consultancy services on “appropriate technologies for grain harvesting, shelling, cleaning, drying and storage systems” as well as sells of such technologies.

Farmer support Services Department

This department has two products focusing on proving information and support to the business decision process of value chain actors.

  • Litenga Farmers Call Centre (LIFARCC)

This is a unique service, which offers real time and two ways communication in providing solutions and answers on a wide variety of agricultural challenges faced by value chain actors, especially smallholder farmers countrywide.

Litenga Farmer Call Centre is the first one of its kind in Tanzania providing authenticated valuable local agricultural content and information. Apart from providing reliable and timely agricultural related information and market linkage services, the LIFACC is designed to offer a robust data management system with a range of other agricultural services e.g. tracking farming trends which capture the exact location and time of each call-which could serve as an early warning system by tracking calls related to say pest and disease attacks and epidemics. Hence, generating early warning reports that can be shared with agricultural experts so that they can notify the farmers, authorities as appropriate and, as soon as possible. Other information services include but not limited to fertilizers application, post-harvest handling and livestock among other topics sourced from a network of Agricultural experts and Agri-businesses.

You may call 0768983300 to 0768983399 and be connected to The Call center.

  • Litenga Radio & TV Edutainment Programs.

Farmer support services department also runs a series of Television and Radio programs providing agricultural education and information to a wide range of value chain actors in a wide range of topic on demand.